Help for Your Reactive Dog with Chelsea Murray Webinar Recording


You are out with your dog on leash and your dog suddenly starts lunging and barking at a neighbor’s dog.
Or, maybe you are inside and your dog sees or hears someone walk by your home and charges the window. If these situations sound familiar it probably means that your dog is reactive.
Reactivity is stressful for the dog and their owner! In this two-part webinar, you will get the tools you need to start changing this behavior! Learn about how to read your dog, identify what is triggering your dog’s big reactions, and change your dog’s behavior from barking and lunging to quiet and focused.

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Does your dog bark, lunge or over react to other other dogs?

This webinar will focus on teaching people how help their reactive dogs. Chelsea will help you train your dogs to be able to better focus and cope around other dogs. You will learn effective exercises that will help improve your dog’s behavior around other dogs (or people, cats, etc) so that you and your dog can enjoy being at dog shows together or out  on walks together.

In this two part webinar series, both included here, Chelsea will use videos to demonstrate how to train and use the behaviors in the webinar.

This webinar is a must for anyone who has ever struggled with a reactive dog.