Help for Your Reactive Dog with Chelsea Murray Webinar Recording


Learn how to make the best use of your stacking box!

This webinar will focus on teaching people how to use stacking boxes, platforms and steps for training their show dogs. Instructor Vicki Ronchette has spent the last decade working on different ways to utilize these helpful props.

You will learn how the boxes are made and alternatives if you do not have your own stacking box.

Vicki will go over using these tools to:

  • teach new dogs or puppies to learn to stack
  • teach stay
  • teach the dog to stay at a distance
  • teach a dog to lean forward over his front

And, much more!

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Does your dog bark, lunge or over react to other other dogs?

This webinar will focus on teaching people how help their reactive dogs. Chelsea will help you train your dogs to be able to better focus and cope around other dogs. You will learn effective exercises that will help improve your dog’s behavior around other dogs (or people, cats, etc) so that you and your dog can enjoy being at dog shows together or out  on walks together.

In this two part webinar series, both included here, Chelsea will use videos to demonstrate how to train and use the behaviors in the webinar.

This webinar is a must for anyone who has ever struggled with a reactive dog.