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    Show Stopping Stacks Webinar

    You will not believe what a difference a Show Stopping Stack can make in the ring!

    Whether you are just starting to teach your dog to be hand stacked or you are just looking to take your stacks to the next level, this webinar is for you! Vicki will discuss how to train both the hand stack and the free stack …

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    Dog Show Basics Webinar

    Are you new to the fancy?

    Are you completely new to dog shows and need a clear overview of how things work, what class to enter, what to wear and what to expect? Then this is the webinar for you. You will get all the information you need to be ring ready!

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    Mastering Movement Webinar

    Get the best movement from your dog!

    This webinar will focus on teaching your dog how to gait for the show ring, how to get the best movement from your dog, the different factors that affect gait and how to problem solve gait issues. Whether your dog is pacing or simply not moving out or hasn’t even been on a leash …

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    Raising Champions Webinar

    Do you have a new puppy that you are just getting started with?

    Are you unsure of where to start and how to begin your training journey?  This webinar will teach you where to start, the best ways to begin training, how to keep it fun and engaging for your puppy and how to teach the behaviors needed for the show …

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    Conditioning for Show Dogs Webinar

    Being fit is an important part of being a successful show dog. Learn how to increase your dog’s strength, balance, body awareness and confidence with fitness training. Cavalettis, fitness equipment and non equipment exercises will all be discussed. One of the best things about this webinar is that the exercises and information is not only useful for show dogs, it …

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    Stacking Boxes, Platforms and Steps for Training Show Dogs Webinar

    Learn how to make the best use of your stacking box!

    This webinar will focus on teaching people how to use stacking boxes, platforms and steps for training their show dogs. Instructor Vicki Ronchette has spent the last decade working on different ways to utilize these helpful props.

    You will learn how the boxes are made and alternatives if you do not …

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    Shy to Showy Pts1&2 Webinar

    This webinar contains parts One and Two of Vicki’s From Shy to Showy webinar.

    This webinar was designed around Vicki’s book and workshops that focus on how to help shy, fearful dogs. Written for show people, but beneficial to anyone living with a fearful dog. Also helpful for dogs who simply don’t enjoy showing that much. Covers how to identify stress …

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    Show Ring Curve Balls Webinar

    Never be caught off guard in the show ring again!

    Whether you are new to showing or are a seasoned handler, you may still be surprised at some of the curve balls that can come at you in the show ring. This webinar will help to prepare you for the things that may come up that you didn’t even know were …

  • Specialized , Training

    Help for Your Reactive Dog with Chelsea Murray Webinar Recording

    You are out with your dog on leash and your dog suddenly starts lunging and barking at a neighbor’s dog.
    Or, maybe you are inside and your dog sees or hears someone walk by your home and charges the window. If these situations sound familiar it probably means that your dog …

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    Mental Management with Nancy Reyes Webinar Recording

    Are you a nervous wreck in the show ring?

    This webinar will focus on teaching people how to cope with and manage their own performance anxiety associated with performing in dog sports.

    Learn techniques to help you become a better competitor.

    Nancy’s approach to dealing with ring nerves is different than anything else. We are so happy to be promoting this program.

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    Crates are Great with Chelsea Murray

    Teach your dog that crates are great!

    This webinar will focus on teaching your dog how to comfortably go into and relax in their crate. Whether you are starting with a new puppy or dealing with a dog who already has an issue with the crate, Chelsea will break it down for you so that your dog can have success. Take …

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    Dogmanship Webinar 1 – Husbandry

    Webinar 1 – Husbandry

    Laura Reeves’ Dogmanship Program
    This webinar covers:
    General health including vaccines, diet, exercises, parasites, sanitation, grooming, emergency and non-emergency issues.