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  • Course , Training

    An Introduction to Positive Training

    This FREE course will help students to learn and understand what positive reinforcement training is, how it works and how to apply it.

  • Bundle , Specialized

    Conformation Instruction Bundle

    This package was designed just for professional trainers and instructors who either want to add conformation to their service offerings or who are looking for some inspiration and ideas for their handling classes.

  • Course , Specialty

    Correcting Pacing in Show Dogs

    In this course we will look at what causes pacing in show dogs and how to correct this movement issue.

  • Course , Training

    From Shy to Showy

    This course is based on Vicki’s exclusive From Shy to Showy program which shows people how to help their shy or fearful show dogs. From Shy to Showy is a book, webinar and workshop that has been presented from coast to coast bringing people success with their sensitive show dogs.

  • Course , Specialized

    From Whelping to Winning

    In this course you will learn everything you need to know about how to shape a puppy into a show dog. Everything from how to start the early training, to socialization and teaching early handling, it’s all here.

  • Course , Handling

    Handling 101

    This course will focus on the actual handling of the dog in the show ring. Students will learn how to best present their dog from the basics to tricks and tips to showcase their dog in the best light.

  • Specialty , Vicki Ronchette

    Introduction to Dog Shows

    This course is intended for professional trainers who are interested in adding conformation training to their service offerings.

    Conformation or dog shows are one of the oldest and most popular of the dog sports. However, most classes are taught by hobbyists rather than professional dog trainers. Many skilled professional trainers could be offering conformation training and behavior consulting for show dogs …

  • Andrea Stone , Course

    Litter Evaluations – the Planning, the Process, the Picks

    Two friends, each long-time breeders in different breeds come together to share their experience and process in grading litters. This course will cover everything from how to evaluate a litter of puppies, whether your own breed or another breed to making the decisions on where to place each puppy, to how to best stay on track with your breeding program …

  • Course , Specialized

    Managing Your Multi-Sports Show Dog

    If you enjoy competing in multiple sports with your show dog, this is the course for you. Learn how to keep things clear for your dog and how to keep the show ring one of his favorite places to be.

  • Course , Training

    Problem Solving Show Dog Issues

    Have you ever wondered how to problem solve a training or behavior issue with a dog without a specific recipe? In this course you will gain the knowledge of how to determine the cause of a behavior issue and how to design a training plan to correct it. Using science-based training methods and proven animal learning theory techniques this course …

  • Course , Training

    Teaching Conformation

    This course is intended for professional trainers who are interested in adding conformation training to their service offerings. Focus will be on what show dogs need to learn, how to support show dog clients in basic training classes and how to build a solid conformation class training plan.