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  • Course , Michele Pouliot

    An Introduction to Effective Clicker Training Skills

    This course provides an introduction to Clicker Training Skills with a focus on teaching foundation skills for puppies and adult dogs that will be competing in the show ring. Included is the effective use of raised platforms as a tool to prompt an enthusiastic stand pose and developing duration holding of that stand.

    Goals for this course are:

    1. Learning effective Clicker …
  • Course , Training

    An Introduction to Positive Training

    This FREE course will help students to learn and understand what positive reinforcement training is, how it works and how to apply it.

  • Andrea Stone , Course

    Consent to Care: Trouble-Free Nail Trims

    In this course we will show you how to get trouble-free nail trims with your dog. By teaching them to consent we can build the trust needed for them to actively participate in what is often a very unpleasant task for both you and your dog. There is no reason for this to be a major chore.

  • Course , Jenna Bullis

    Cooperative Grooming

    Whether your dog is big dog or small, long or short-coated, all dogs need some kind of grooming in their lives.  Show dogs in particular must be regularly bathed, nails trimmed, teeth brushed or cleaned in order to present their best selves to the judge in the show ring. In this course you will learn tips and techniques from equipment …

  • Course , Specialty

    Correcting Pacing in Show Dogs

    In this course we will look at what causes pacing in show dogs and how to correct this movement issue.

  • Course , Training

    From Shy to Showy

    This course is based on Vicki’s exclusive From Shy to Showy program which shows people how to help their shy or fearful show dogs. From Shy to Showy is a book, webinar and workshop that has been presented from coast to coast bringing people success with their sensitive show dogs.

  • Allie Lowry , Course

    Life Skills for Show Dogs

    While it’s important for your dog to have the skills to succeed in the show ring, they also need to be a dog that you want to live with the rest of the time. Having a good foundation of basic skills opens up you and your dog’s world. Being able to go for a nice walk to burn off some …

  • Course , Training

    Problem Solving Show Dog Issues

    Have you ever wondered how to problem solve a training or behavior issue with a dog without a specific recipe? In this course you will gain the knowledge of how to determine the cause of a behavior issue and how to design a training plan to correct it. Using science-based training methods and proven animal learning theory techniques this course …

  • Andrea Stone , Course

    Taking the Challenge out of Challenging Breeds

    This course will help students learn to work with their “stubborn” dogs in a way that is fun and engaging. The trick is to teach your “impossible” dog to want to show for you, rather than getting into a head to head with an animal

  • Course , Training

    Teaching Conformation

    This course is intended for professional trainers who are interested in adding conformation training to their service offerings. Focus will be on what show dogs need to learn, how to support show dog clients in basic training classes and how to build a solid conformation class training plan.

  • Course , Training

    Training Gaiting for the Show Ring

    This course will teach you everything you need to know about how to train your dog to correctly gait in the show ring.

    You will also learn the best pace and position at which to move your dog. You will learn about different types of equipment and how hand position, collar position, speed and more affect your dog’s movement …