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  • CourseSpecialty

    The Ultimate Dog Sport Mindset Course

    There are many courses available on how to train you dog, compete with your dog and present your dog. However, there are very few that tackle one of the most important parts of competing in dog sports, the handler’s ,mental mindset, until now!

    The Ultimate Dog Sport Mindset Course is full of resources that will help you work through performance anxiety …

  • Andrea StoneCourse

    Litter Evaluations – the Planning, the Process, the Picks

    Two friends, each long-time breeders in different breeds come together to share their experience and process in grading litters. This course will cover everything from how to evaluate a litter of puppies, whether your own breed or another breed to making the decisions on where to place each puppy, to how to best stay on track with your breeding program …

  • CourseSpecialty

    Correcting Pacing in Show Dogs

    In this course we will look at what causes pacing in show dogs and how to correct this movement issue.

  • CourseSayli Benadikar

    Barn Hunt

    Barn Hunt is a modern dog sport that draws inspiration from the vermin hunting work performed by farm dogs and itinerant rat catching dog-human teams of the past. It is a dynamic and strategic game that incorporates elements of scentwork, agility and dog-human teamwork, and no rats are harmed. This course will introduce you to the basics while discussing how …

  • CourseLaura Reeves

    Building a Breeding Program: The Collected Wisdom

    “Crowd-source” the wisdom of the ages as Laura walks you through knowledge obtained over the course of nearly 40 years breeding dogs. Advice on the critical selection of a foundation bitch, reading pedigrees, choosing a stud dog, researching health and temperament testing.

  • CourseJenna Bullis

    Cooperative Grooming

    Whether your dog is big dog or small, long or short-coated, all dogs need some kind of grooming in their lives.  Show dogs in particular must be regularly bathed, nails trimmed, teeth brushed or cleaned in order to present their best selves to the judge in the show ring. In this course you will learn tips and techniques from equipment …

  • SpecialtyVicki Ronchette

    Introduction to Dog Shows

    This course is intended for professional trainers who are interested in adding conformation training to their service offerings.

    Conformation or dog shows are one of the oldest and most popular of the dog sports. However, most classes are taught by hobbyists rather than professional dog trainers. Many skilled professional trainers could be offering conformation training and behavior consulting for show dogs …