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  • Course , Michele Pouliot

    An Introduction to Effective Clicker Training Skills

    This course provides an introduction to Clicker Training Skills with a focus on teaching foundation skills for puppies and adult dogs that will be competing in the show ring. Included is the effective use of raised platforms as a tool to prompt an enthusiastic stand pose and developing duration holding of that stand.

    Goals for this course are:

    1. Learning effective Clicker …
  • Course , Sayli Benadikar

    Barn Hunt

    Barn Hunt is a modern dog sport that draws inspiration from the vermin hunting work performed by farm dogs and itinerant rat catching dog-human teams of the past. It is a dynamic and strategic game that incorporates elements of scentwork, agility and dog-human teamwork, and no rats are harmed. This course will introduce you to the basics while discussing how …

  • Course , Laura Reeves

    Building a Breeding Program: The Collected Wisdom

    “Crowd-source” the wisdom of the ages as Laura walks you through knowledge obtained over the course of nearly 40 years breeding dogs. Advice on the critical selection of a foundation bitch, reading pedigrees, choosing a stud dog, researching health and temperament testing.

  • Cherie Ekholm , Course

    Building Better Champions with Tellington TTouch

    Tellington TTouch is a training methodology that enables people and their dogs to live more harmoniously together through touch, specific groundwork exercises, and the use of body wraps that promote calm, comfort, and body awareness. At its most basic level, TTouch is all about building a stronger bond between handler and dog. Through this work, we also encourage greater body …

  • Course , Laura Reeves

    Canine Structure 101

    The focus of this course is to teach students about canine structure. You will learn about canine anatomy and how those pieces of the dog work together. This course will help you to compare your dog with your breed’s standard and how to understand the different parts of a dog.

  • Andrea Stone , Course

    Consent to Care: Trouble-Free Nail Trims

    In this course we will show you how to get trouble-free nail trims with your dog. By teaching them to consent we can build the trust needed for them to actively participate in what is often a very unpleasant task for both you and your dog. There is no reason for this to be a major chore.

  • Course , Jenna Bullis

    Cooperative Grooming

    Whether your dog is big dog or small, long or short-coated, all dogs need some kind of grooming in their lives.  Show dogs in particular must be regularly bathed, nails trimmed, teeth brushed or cleaned in order to present their best selves to the judge in the show ring. In this course you will learn tips and techniques from equipment …

  • Course , Kristen Hagler

    FUNctional Fitness for Show Dogs

    Handlers and owners will build upon knowledge from participation as a show dog handler or enthusiast by building a greater understanding of anatomy, canine structure and function as it relates to canine show dogs. Participants will learn about risk assessment and fitness principles, therapeutic exercises for injury prevention and sport conditioning, pain recognition and how to implement a program for …

  • Course , Kristen Hagler

    Injury Prevention for Show Dogs

    Injury at any time during an athletic career, even for show dogs, is detrimental for both handlers and animals. Participants will learn about common injuries in athletic adult dogs and fitness program components to help minimize or avoid risk of injury for sport.

  • Allie Lowry , Course

    Life Skills for Show Dogs

    While it’s important for your dog to have the skills to succeed in the show ring, they also need to be a dog that you want to live with the rest of the time. Having a good foundation of basic skills opens up you and your dog’s world. Being able to go for a nice walk to burn off some …

  • Cherie Ekholm , Course

    Safe Traveling with Your Show Dog

    Once you have a dog and are signed up to go to a show (or other sporting event) you have to get there. This course will discuss training issues and practicalities of traveling with dogs by car, plane, and motorhome. Whether you are going to the National Specialty, Westminster, or just down the road, there are plenty of things you’ll …