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  • Cherie EkholmCourse

    Building Better Champions with Tellington TTouch

    Tellington TTouch is a training methodology that enables people and their dogs to live more harmoniously together through touch, specific groundwork exercises, and the use of body wraps that promote calm, comfort, and body awareness. At its most basic level, TTouch is all about building a stronger bond between handler and dog. Through this work, we also encourage greater body …

  • Cherie EkholmCourse

    Safe Traveling with Your Show Dog

    Once you have a dog and are signed up to go to a show (or other sporting event) you have to get there. This course will discuss training issues and practicalities of traveling with dogs by car, plane, and motorhome. Whether you are going to the National Specialty, Westminster, or just down the road, there are plenty of things you’ll …