Topic Progress:


  • Equipment – there is an assumption that one should use the equipment that is commonly used for a particular breed. That is fine unless it doesn’t work for the dog. Use equipment that works for YOUR dog.
  • He needs to deal with it – it is common for people with fearful or shy dogs to hear that their dogs just need to knock it off and deal with it. This of course is not the correct way to deal with fearful dogs, but it happens all the time in the dog show world.
  • He is just being stubborn – a lot of people will blame the dog for being stubborn (or worse) when the dog is having an issue such as being fearful or not behaving in the ring. The issue is typically that the dog needs more training and is not even ready to be in the ring yet.
  • Breed biases – people who have been in a breed a long time have biases that they deeply believe. There are far too many to mention, but it is always important to remember that animals are individuals and just like us they are not all going to fit into the perfect mold of their breed.


Vicki Ronchette is the founder of Show Dog Prep School and a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. Vicki has been working with dogs professionally for over 30 years as a professional dog trainer and behavior consultant, groomer and veterinary assistant. She is the author of Positive Training for Show Dogs, From Shy to Showy and Ready? Set. SHOW! Vicki presents workshops and seminars all over the country on how training show dogs.