There are a number of reasons why I focus on positive reinforcement when training animals.

  • Effective – it is very reliable in teaching animals what you want them to do.
  • Animal friendly – when correctly applied it causes no pain, fear or undue stress on the animal.
  • Scientific – it is backed by science.
  • Positive associations – however the animal learns a behavior stays with that behavior forever. Using positive reinforcement properly will create a good association to the animal for that behavior.
  • Fallout – it does not create the same behavioral fallout that compulsion and punishment-based methods can cause.
  • LIMA – many professional animal trainers adhere to this standard which means Least Intrusive Minimally Aversive.

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Vicki Ronchette is the founder of Show Dog Prep School and a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. Vicki has been working with dogs professionally for over 30 years as a professional dog trainer and behavior consultant, groomer and veterinary assistant. She is the author of Positive Training for Show Dogs, From Shy to Showy and Ready? Set. SHOW! Vicki presents workshops and seminars all over the country on how training show dogs.