Vicki Ronchette has attended many dog training, behavior and multi-species animal training programs, conferences, seminars and workshops over the years and takes continuing education seriously.

No matter who we are or what we have done, we are nothing if we stop learning. Animal training is a science and as instructors we owe it to our clients to keep up to date on the latest information available on how animals learn.  Below is not a complete list, but contains most of the seminars, training programs, workshops and conferences that Vicki has attended.  

2021 – Enriched Puppy Protocol with Suzanne Clothier

2021 – World Groom Virtual Conference

2017 – Suzanne Clothier

2017 – Clicker Expo

2016 – Barbara Heidenreich webinar on Improving Skills

2016 – Barbara Heidenreich Webinar on Teaching Step Up

2016 – Suzanne Clothier

2016 – Lori Stevens, Canine Conditioning

2016 – Chris Zink, Canine Conditioning

2015 – Pet Professional Guild Summit

2015 – Natural Encounters Inc. Training with Steve Martin and Dr. Susan Friedman

2015 – Anna Bettina

2015 – Kim Moeller

2015 – Suzanne Clothier

2015 – Nan Arthur

2014 – Suzanne Clothier

2014 – Speaker and Attendee, Animal Behavior Center Conference

2014 – Lara Joseph, Behavior Analysis Seminar

2014 – Diane Garrod, Canine Emotional Detox Seminar

2014 – Caring Hands Rescuing Parrots

2013 – Suzanne Clothier

2013 – Clicker Expo

2013 – Lara Joseph, Day with the Trainer, 2 days

2012 – Suzanne Clothier

2012 – Diane Garrod, Canine Emotional Detox Seminar, 2 days

2012 – Caring Hands  Parrots workshop

2012 – Learning and Living with Animals Course with Dr. Susan Friedman

2012 – Clicker Expo

2012 – Fixing the Unfixable, Separation Anxiety

2011 – Suzanne Clothier

2011 – Caring Hands Rescuing Parrots Workshop

2011 – Jean Donaldson

2011 – John Rogerson, Aggression In Depth

2010 – ORCA, Great Minds Conference, University of North Texas Behavior

2009 – ORCA, Great Minds Conference, University of North  Texas Behavior

2009 – Association of Pet Dog Trainers Conference

2006 – New Perspectives on Canine Behavior, Emotion and Training with Dr. Patricia McConnell

2006 – Growl Conference with Trish King, Jean Donaldson, Lisa Clifton-Bumpass, Kim Moeller, Gina Phairis

2005 – Suzanne Clothier, Assoc. of Professional Dog Trainers

Over the years Vicki has seen the following trainers/educators/authors through seminars, workshops, training events and in some cases hands on coaching and one-on-one learning.

Nan Arthur
Bob Bailey
Veronica Boutelle
Janis Bradley
Lisa Clifton-Bumpass
Suzanne Clothier
Malena DeMartini-Price
Jean Donaldson
Dr. Ian Dunbar
Dr. Susan Friedman
Dr. Irene Pepperberg
Barbara Heidenreich
Lara Joseph
Alexandra Kurland
Kay Laurence
Steve Martin
Dr. Patricia McConnell
Kim Moeller
Chirag Patel
Gina Phairas
Michelle Pouliot
Sid Price
Ken Ramirez
John Rogerson
Jesus Rosales-Ruiz
Turid Rugaas
Terry Ryan
Kathy Sdao
Sue Sternberg


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