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Show Dog Prep School is the only online college for the art and science of conformation training, ring handling and show dog preparation. Our faculty is an impressive collection of professional dog trainers who also have a background in conformation training, handling and/or breeding. We are happy to offer a variety of courses to guide you in training your dog to become the best show dog he can be. From our movement or stacking courses, to our handling series there is something here for everyone.

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Our Training Series are the courses that teach you to train your dog to perform the necessary show ring behaviors. Teaching Gaiting for the Show Ring will get your dog’s movement ring ready. Training Stacking for the Show Ring will help you get that flashy free stack you have always wanted. Our training courses will help you create an amazing show dog that is reliable and competitive in the ring.


Our handling series is for you, the one at the end of the leash. While it is critical that your dog has had a solid training foundation, there is also so much more you can do as a polished handler. We offer handling courses that teach you the tricks of the trade to present your dog to his absolute potential. Learn how to showcase your dog’s strengths while downplaying any weaknesses. Show Like a Pro with our handling series courses.


Our specialty series is everything in between! There are so many factors that you may not have considered when it comes to showing your dog. We are going to make sure you think of those things and get the information you need to have. Everything from Safe Traveling with Your Dog to TTouch and Massage for Show Dogs. Our specialty courses will give you that extra something special to keep your dog happy and healthy.